OSTA FLIPS for Science

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The Oklahoma Science Teachers Association Fall Conference

Coming October 31-November 1, 2014

OSTA “Flips” for Science

Registration for the OSTA Fall Conference is Now OPEN


The University of Central Oklahoma is once again the host for the OSTA Fall Staff Development Conference

“OSTA Flips for Science”

 UCO’s Howell Hall Science building on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

8 am until 4:00 pm

$30 per person full Member registration, includes refreshments before and during the conference as well as lunch (Register by Oct 24th to assure lunch).

When you register for the conference, be sure to check your attendance at the OSTA Awards Reception on Friday, October 31st.  Join as we celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of outstanding science educators from across the state. The reception will be held on downtown OKC on Film Row at the Dunlap-Codding Law Firm.  The address is 609 W. Sheridan.  DC on Film Row is an exciting place within a burgeoning new community in a old place (seems like Oklahoma City has a lot of that going on these days).  See more about it on their website video

Registration Discounts are available to Full time College/ University Students.  Student volunteers can also receive a waiver  on the cost of registration in exchange for service to the association during the conference.  Contact Dr. Beth Allan to schedule volunteer time and obtain a registration discount code. Volunteer opportunities are limited.

On-line payment is preferred.

Purchase orders to OSTA are accepted, but such registrations must be mailed to arrive by October 15.

This is a Members-Only Conference.


Register for the Conference by logging in to your OSTA Memberclicks account (Login required).

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Dr. Donna Nelson to Keynote OSTA Conference

DJN Portrait 1500x2286 DJN Portrait 1500x2286

OSTA is please to announce Dr. Donna J. Nelson as the featured speaker to keynote the 2014 OSTA Fall Conference November 1st at UCO in Edmond.

Dr. Donna Nelson, is a professor of chemistry at the University of Oklahoma. Nelson was born in Eufaula, Oklahoma, a small town known for its Native American influences. Her father was the only physician in the town. She earned her bachelor of science degree in chemistry at the University of Oklahoma, obtained her PhD in chemistry at the University of Texas at Austin with Michael J. S. Dewar, and did her postdoctorate at Purdue University with Herbert C. Brown before joining the University of Oklahoma. She was a Faculty Fellow in the OU Provost’s Office 1989-1990, a Visiting Professor at MIT 2003, and assistant to American Chemical Society President Dr. Ann Nalley, 2005-2007.

Dr. Nelson’s current research pertains to nanoscience, communicating science to the public, and scientific workforce development and she frequently speaks on the interrelationship of these topics. She has over 100 publications. She has received many honors, including American Chemical Society (ACS) Fellow, ACS Israel Award, ACS Nalley Award, Oklahoma Chemist Award, Fulbright Scholar, National Science Foundation (NSF) ADVANCE Leadership Award, Women’s eNews “21 Leaders for the 21st Century,” AAAS Fellow, Guggenheim Award, National Organization for Women “Woman of Courage” Award, Ford Foundation Fellowship, Oklahoma Outstanding Professor Award, Minority Health Professions Foundation Hall of Fame Inductee, Sigma Xi Faculty Research Award, NSF Special Creativity Extension, and many keynote talks. She has spoken at hundreds of national meetings of professional societies and organizations, US Congress Capitol Hill briefings, teleconferences, universities, and radio and TV programs, such as the McNeil-Lehrer News Hour.

Her chemical research involves functionalizing single walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs), which has applications in energy research and technology development. Recently her group showed that both covalent functionalization and complexation of organic molecules to SWCNTs causes nearby protons to be shifted downfield in the NMR.

She advises television programs, such as Breaking Bad, in order to further the universal goal of presenting accurate science to TV audiences. In accord with this program, in 2011, she organized the highly-popular Hollywood Chemistry symposium at the Anaheim ACS Meeting and Science on the Screen symposia at the Denver ACS Meeting, for ACS President Nancy Jackson. According to her Wikipedia entry she participated in the “Geek of the Week” program of David Saltzberg, by visiting the set of The Big Bang Theory in March 2013 and again in March 2014. In the 2011 Ig Nobel Awards, she gave a 24/7 presentation on her SWCNT research, in which she gave a technical talk appropriate for scientists to describe the work in 24 seconds, followed by 7 words which would clarify the work to all laypeople. The seven words were “SWCNT analyses should be shaken, not stored.”

Her scientific workforce development research entailed surveys of faculty race/ethnicity, gender, and rank in “Top 50″ departments in each of 15 science and engineering disciplines. Comparing her faculty data vs NSF PhD and BS attainment revealed that women and minorities are much less represented among professors than among degree recipients. Her faculty data are complete populations, rather than samples, so they accurately reveal the small number or absence of underrepresented groups and compare across disciplines.

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2014 OSTA Awards Reception


This is your invitation to join with the rest of the Oklahoma Science Teachers Association  in a reception honoring this year’s recipients of the OSTA Awards.   Join as we celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of outstanding science educators from across the state. The reception will be held on downtown OKC on Film Row at the Dunlap-Codding Law Firm.  Doors open at 6 pm and the awards program will begin at 6:30 The address is 609 W. Sheridan.  DC on Film Row is an exciting place within a burgeoning new community on the west side of downtown.  See more about it on their website video.

When you register for the conference, be sure to check your attendance at the OSTA Awards Reception on Friday, October 31st.  There is no additional charge for the reception.  Already registered? You can modify your registration through your user profile in OSTA Memberclicks.

This year’s honorees are:

The Jack Renner Award for Service to Science Education in Oklahoma – Dr. Bruce Weems, East Central University.

Dr. Weems has worked at ECU since 1972. He was a physics professor, physics department chair, and since 1991 Dean of the College of Health and Sciences. He has helped many a department chair, faculty member, and student with every aspect of science education during his tenure.  He always says “every physics teacher we put in the schools only help us out by sending us good students in physics”.

But it is also for his work with the Oklahoma State Science & Engineering Fair (a.k.a. OSSEF) that OSTA recognizes Dr. Weems with the  Jack Renner Award. Bruce took over as director for the OSSEF in 1982. He helped run the fair with Dr. Don Kellogg before 1982. Weems fought for funding, selected the best regional sites, found volunteers, judges, and worked the paperwork end as science fair director until 2006. He called every student and gave them a chance to turn in the missing paperwork so that they could compete. Bruce Weems took on the additional job of science fair director because he saw the benefit of students doing research as a way of learning before many recognized the benefit.  Many of these science fair students have made significant impacts in science and engineering.  Each year some 300 students attend the Oklahoma state fair each year and through the work of Dr. Weems approximately  7500 students have experienced the state science fair.  He will retire from East Central University in Dec. 2014 after 42 years of service to ECU science.

High School Science Teacher – Amy Clardy, Haworth High School

Over the last five years, Amy has been a member of the National Science Teacher Association as well as a member of the Oklahoma Science Teacher Association. Amy has attended numerous professional development opportunities including with the K20 center, AP Central Institutes, Steve Spangler Workshops and the OSTA Fall Science Conference. She was a Master Teacher with the Oklahoma State Department of Education for two years, and was given the opportunity to present at the SDE regional summer conference each year.  A prolific grant writer, over the last five years, Amy has written and awarded funding from the Fund for Teachers to attend a professional development workshop in San Antonio, the Dream Team grant with the K20 center, and a KIPR (BOTBALL) grant to enable her students to build and write code for their very first school robot.   Amy holds with a Masters in Educational Leadership.

Middle School Teacher – Dr. Geary Crofford, Woodall School, Tahlequah

Dr. Crofford is currently completing an M.E. in Teaching and pursuing National Board Certification, was designated a Cherokee Scholar in 2014 by the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence and a DaVinci/Martin Scholar in 2010. He has evaluated several grant programs, and received two First Robotics grants from OSDE. He attended the NSTA STEM Forum in New Orleans this past summer as a Cherokee Scholar, and is currently part of the Higher Ground-STEM Math/Science Program hosted by Altus Public Schools and Western Oklahoma State College.  Dr. Crofford is not only a dedicated teacher in the classroom with his students of all ability and grade levels but he also carries out research with relevance to his teaching. He believes in hands-on experiences for all of his students and helping them to develop important concepts and apply them. He encourages his students to see themselves in STEM majors and careers and has dedicated himself especially to members of his tribe, the Cherokee Nation.

Elementary School Teacher – Megan Veldhuizen. Woodland Hills Elementary, Lawton

Megan teacher a transitional 1st grade classroom at Woodland Hills who’s philosophy is that all children can do science and that science is just as important as the other subjects.   She teaches young children lab safety and then lets them do actual labs, writing grants to fund projects in her classroom. She has taken on leadership positions in her school and is part of OkSci Leadership.

The OSTA Awards Reception is generously underwritten by our partners from the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board and Pearson.

OERBheader_logo Pearson_Logo.svg

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New Flight Opportunity for School Districts: Announcing Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) Mission 8 to the International Space Station, Starting February 2015


  • Download a PDF of this Press Release
  • Watch Video: A Program Overview
  • After reading this Press Release, be sure to read the SSEP Homepage that serves as an Executive Summary for the program
  • Subscribe to receive email notification of breaking news on SSEP using the Subscribe Box at the bottom of the right column.


Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) Mission 8 to the International Space Station

Time Critical: interested schools are directed to inquire about the program no later than November 15, 2014

The National Center for Earth and Space Science Education (NCESSE), and the Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Space Education, in partnership with NanoRacks LLC, announce a new opportunity for school districts across the U.S. and internationally to participate in the tenth flight opportunity of the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP).

Launched in June 2010, SSEP was designed as a model U.S. National STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education program that immerses typically 300 students across a community in every facet of authentic scientific research of their own design, using a highly captivating spaceflight opportunity on the International Space Station (ISS).

The program is designed to inspire and engage the next generation of scientists and engineers, and is accomplished by providing each participating community their own very real Space Program.

SSEP Mission 8 to ISS will provide each participating community a real research mini-laboratory capable of supporting a single microgravity experiment, and all launch services to fly the mini-lab to ISS in Fall 2015, and return it safely to Earth for harvesting and analysis. Mirroring how professional research is done, student teams across the community submit research proposals, and go through a formal proposal review process to select the flight experiment. The design competition – from program start, to experiment design, to submission of proposals by student teams – spans 9 weeks from February 23 to April 24, 2015. A curriculum, and content resources for teachers and students, supports foundational instruction on science conducted in microgravity (in a weightless environment) and experiment design. Additional SSEP program elements leverage the experience to engage the entire community, embracing a Learning Community Model for STEM education.

SSEP provides seamless integration across STEM disciplines through an authentic, high visibility research experience—an approach that embraces the Next Generation Science Standards. For school districts—even individual schools—SSEP provides an opportunity to implement a systemic, high caliber STEM education program tailored to community need. More broadly, SSEP is about a commitment to student ownership in exploration, to science as journey, and to the joys of learning.

SSEP is open to U.S. schools and school districts serving grade 5 through 12 students, 2- and 4-year colleges and universities, informal science education organizations, and internationally through the Center’s Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Space Education. SSEP is not designed for an individual class or a small number of students in a community.

Student teams are able to design experiments across diverse fields, including: seed germination, crystal growth, physiology and life cycles of microorganisms, cell biology and growth, food studies, and studies of micro-aquatic life. Experiments require design to the technology and engineering constraints imposed by the mini-laboratory, and flight operations to and from low Earth orbit.

“SSEP is designed to empower the student as scientist, and within the real-world context of science. Student teams design a real experiment, propose for a real flight opportunity, experience a formal proposal review, and go through a NASA flight safety review. They even have their own science conference at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, where they are immersed in their own community of researchers”, said Dr. Jeff Goldstein, creator of SSEP and NCESSE Center Director. “SSEP is about introducing real science to our children and if you give them a chance to be scientists, stand back and be amazed.”

SSEP Mission 8 to ISS includes an experiment design competition February 23 through April 24, 2015. Flight experiments are selected by May 28, 2015, for a ferry flight to ISS in Fall 2015. All communities interested in participating in Mission 7 to ISS are directed to inquire no later than November 15, 2014.

Heritage: There have been nine SSEP flight opportunities to date—SSEP on STS-134 and STS-135, the final flights of Space Shuttles Endeavour and Atlantis; and SSEP Missions 1 through 7 to ISS. 99 communities across the U.S. and Canada have participated in the program. 25 communities have participated in 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 flight opportunities, reflecting the sustainable nature of the program. A total of 48,900 grade 5-15 students have been fully immersed in microgravity experiment design and proposal writing. Over the first eight flight opportunities 7,922 experiment proposals were submitted by student teams.

Currently the 15 experiments of the SSEP Mission 5 to ISS Charlie Brown payload are aboard ISS, and the 18 experiments of the Mission 6 Yankee Clipper payload are awaiting launch in October 2014 on the Orbital Science 3 (Orb-3) vehicle, launching out of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS), Wallops Island, VA.

SSEP is the first pre-college STEM education program that is both a U.S. national initiative and implemented as an on-orbit commercial space venture. SSEP is undertaken by the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education (NCESSE) in the U.S. and the Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Space Education Internationally. It is enabled through a strategic partnership with NanoRacks LLC, working with NASA under a Space Act Agreement as part of the utilization of the International Space Station as a National Laboratory.

The Smithsonian National Air and Space MuseumCenter for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), and Subaru of America, Inc., are national partners on the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program.

For information on the Mission 8 to ISS flight opportunity, and to get a detailed understanding of the program, read the SSEP Home Page: http://ssep.ncesse.org

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Bring Evolution To Your School/Community For Darwin Day 2015!



Interested in bringing cutting-edge evolutionary science to your school and community?  Apply to be a stop on NESCent’s 2015 Darwin Day Roadshow.

NESCent (The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center) is an NSF-funded evolution research center.  To celebrate Charles Darwin’s contributions to science and society, we send our scientists on the road every year around “Darwin Day” (the annual, world-wide celebration of Darwin’s birthday on Feb. 12th) to talk to students, teachers and the general public about their research and career opportunities in science.  Our focus is on small, rural communities (i.e., places that wouldn’t likely have a Darwin Day celebration if they weren’t a stop on our Roadshow) and any schools with traditionally under-served students.  There is no cost to you, the teachers, and we’ll even leave you with a collection of evolution teaching resources!

For more information, and to apply to have your school considered, please visit  or contact Jory Weintraub (jory at nescent dot org).  Applications are being accepted now through Friday, November 21st.

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NCSE Evolution and Climate Change Update – 10/3



NCSE’s Josh Rosenau and Mark McCaffrey were invited by the Houston Chronicle (September 30, 2014) to discuss the controversy over the treatment of climate science in social studies textbooks now under consideration by the Texas state board of education. “Today, climate change isn’t just a scientific issue,” they explained: “critical debates about our response to climate change belong in textbooks covering civics, economics, history and geography, rooted in the social and political context while always informed by accurate science.”

“Unfortunately, many of the social studies textbooks under consideration simply ignore climate change, depriving students of the tools they’ll need to become tomorrow’s leaders,” they continued. “But there’s a problem that publishers and the board can solve today: the factual errors in the books that cover climate change. Most egregiously, several of these books claim that there is active dispute among scientists about the primary cause of climate change. That’s simply wrong.”

Previously, NCSE and the Texas Freedom Network announced in a joint press release that “an examination of how proposed social studies textbooks for Texas public schools address climate change reveals distortions and bias that misrepresent the broad scientific consensus on the phenomenon.” A number of errors about climate science were present, as well as a quotation from a notorious climate change denial organization presented in rebuttal of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Rosenau and McCaffrey concluded, “Tomorrow’s Texans will have big decisions to make—in deciding how to confront rising seas and declining freshwater, in choosing between the fuels of the future and those of the past, in creating new businesses and new kinds of jobs in the new world ahead.  Social studies classrooms and textbooks are the perfect place to explore those questions and to prepare our students to build the future they deserve.” The Texas state board of education is expected to make a decision on the textbooks in November 2014.

 For Rosenau and McCaffrey’s column, visit:
For the press release from NCSE and the Texas Freedom Network, visit:
And for NCSE’s previous coverage of events in Texas, visit:
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Seminars on Science, from the American Museum of Natural History









The next session of Seminars on Science, the American Museum of Natural History’s online professional development program for educators runs from October 27th to December 7th.  Graduate credit is available for all six-week online courses.  Sign up now at amnh.org/learn.

Courses include:  The Brain, Climate Change, The Solar System, Evolution and more. The courses are online-only and are led by both an experienced classroom teacher and a Ph.D. research scientist.

Sign up today and receive $50 off your registration cost!  Use code SCIENCEMATTERS.

For more information about the program, check out Seminars on Science at our website: amnh.org/learn.

If you have any questions, send us an email at learn@amnh.org, or call The Seminars on Science Team at 800-649-6715.



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OK STEM Centers Is Looking For a Few Great Teachers…


is a statewide network of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Master Teachers (MT’s), The network is dedicated to providing regional, high quality professional development for PreK-12 teachers with the goal of improving student achievement in STEM.

OK STEM CENTERS activities will be held in collaboration with Career Tech Centers/regional universities where resident content experts can be a resource for each Master Teacher.

Master Teachers will be required to attend monthly training at the University of Central Oklahoma, do online content modules provided by the National Science Teachers Association, develop lesson plans for a statewide STEM Teacher Website to support the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science, and work at least 2 afternoons a week with their regional partners and/or teachers. Master Teachers are also encouraged to conduct at least one weekend training a month and will be required to conduct a summer professional development institute.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Current K-6 teacher and/or 6-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics Teacher
  • Masters Degree and/or National Board Certification Preferred
  • Demonstrated experience and/or interest in being a teacher leader

Participants will receive an $800.00/month stipend during the school year and a $1500/month stipend in June and July.

To apply go to: OK STEM CENTERS Application

For MORE INFORMATION please contact:

Dr. Beth Allan
Biology Department
University of Central Oklahoma
(405) 974-5775
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TiffanyGram – 10/2/14






Greetings Science Educators!

I hope the week finds you well. There are several items to share in this week’s Science Message including: the announcement of Science Standards Framework Project, state summaries for science assessments, and information about upcoming professional development opportunities.

Announcing Science Standards Framework Project

The Oklahoma State Department of Education is seeking K-12 classroom educators to participate in the development of the Oklahoma Science Standards Framework. The Oklahoma Science Standards Framework will provide educators with information and resources to develop curriculum aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science. The framework will not serve as curriculum itself.  The Oklahoma Science Standards Framework will be modeled from a similar resource developed in Minnesota (the Minnesota Mathematics and Science Standards Framework see link http://www.scimathmn.org/stemtc/).

To find out more about this opportunity and how you can apply go to https://www.ok.gov/dcs/solicit/app/solicitationSearch.php?status=open-pending and download a copy of RFP 2650000297. Please follow all instructions and if you have any questions, please contact the Contracting Officer listed on the first page of RFP Kathy Hallum, email: Kathy.hallum@omes.ok.gov or phone: 405-521-3851

Science Assessment Updates:

State Score Summaries for Science

Resending the Documents for Science Assessment

Test Items Specification Documents:

2014-2015 Released Science Items:

For questions regarding any of the documents, contact Craig.Walker@sde.ok.gov

Professional Development Opportunities

Science Standards Workshops

There are still openings for the following Science Standards Workshops.

To register for one of the workshops and to get directions to the workshops go to:


  • Oct. 9-10: Pryor – Northeast Technology Center
  • Oct. 23-24: Ardmore – Sam Noble Foundation (The Sam Noble Foundation is hosting the Ardmore workshop and providing lodging at no cost to participants who require it on the evening of October 23rd. To sign up for lodging or if you have questions about lodging, contact Frank Hardin at cfhardin@noble.org.)
  • *NEW* October 27 -28th: Oklahoma City
  • *NEW*November 10th -11th: Poteau
  • Nov. 13-14: Norman – Moore/Norman Technology Center
  • *NEW*November 17th-18th: Woodward
  • *NEW* Nov. 20-21: Duncan – Red River Technology Center
  • Dec. 4–5:Weatherford – Western Technology Center
  • *NEW* Dec. 11-12: Idabel – Kiamichi Technology Center
  • *NEW* Jan. 22-23: Durant – Kimachi Technology Center
  • Feb. 12–13: Altus – Southwest Technology Center

OSDE is still working to secure a few more locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Tahlequah for additional workshops around the state. As more locations are added we will provide that information via the science listserv. The updated locations will also appear on the registration link.

More! Rocks in Your Head workshop
Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014, 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM at Chesapeake Energy Corporation, 6100 N. Western, OKC, OK 73118, Building 9, B111

TO REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT: Email schuelke1@comcast.net Please include: your name, school, school address, and contact phone number


Oklahoma Science Teacher’s Association Conference: OSTA FLIPS FOR SCIENCE

November 1, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm at the University of Central Oklahoma

For details and to register go to: http://www.oklahomascienceteachersassociation.org/?p=5780


Free Articles from NSTA Journals:

Science and Children –Elementary

How Do Scientists Work?

Science Scope – Middle School

Magnetism: More Than Just Objects Attracted to Refrigerators

The Science Teacher – High School

Using Mobile Devises in Field Science

Stay Connected:
Social Media:
Twitter: @tiffanyneill
Facebook: #OKSci
Hashtags: #oksde #OKSci #OKSTEM
Sign Up for a Twitter account: https://twitter.com/
Accessing Archived Science Messages:
You can access Archived Science Messages I’ve sent out since March via the Oklahoma Science Teachers Association (OSTA) website. Scroll down to see previous posts.
Science Listserv:
Please encourage others to register for the science listserv and pass along the following registration link:
Register for Science Listserv
As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!
- Tiffany
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NOMSTA Annual Fall Conference


The Northeastern Oklahoma Mathematics and Science Teacher Association (NOMSTA)

presents the Annual Fall Conference

“Engaging Students in Mathematics and Science”

Free Professional Development for K-12 Mathematics and Science Teachers!

October 4, 2014

9:00 am-12noon (Free on-site registration)

Science and Health Professions Building on the Broken Arrow Campus of NSU

For more information go to http://academics.nsuok.edu/naturalsciences/NOMSTA.aspx ,

or contact Dr. Pamela Christol at christol@nsuok.edu

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Still MORE Dates and Locations Added: Transitioning to new Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science workshops

 With the adoption of the new Oklahoma Academic Science Standards, districts and teachers are beginning to make decisions on how to transition from PASS to OAS-Science. The Oklahoma State Department of Education is offering two-day regional workshops designed to provide districts and teachers the support they need to begin that transition.

Day 1:

The first day of the workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the 3 Dimensions of Science (Science and Engineering Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Disciplinary Core Ideas) integrated into the new Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science. Participants will have opportunities to engage in several classroom activities that embody the 3 Dimensions and provide ample opportunity for participants to reflect on the shifts exhibited in the new OAS-Science.

In this session, participants will explore the following topics as they relate to the OAS-Science:

  • Integrating the 3 Dimensions into Classroom Instruction
  • Integrating Engineering
  • Constructing Explanations
  • Teaching Natural Phenomena
  • Science Discourse Strategies
  • Assessing Student Understanding

Time: 8:30 a.m. to noon, noon to 1 p.m. (lunch on your own), 1 to 4 p.m.

Day 2:

The second day of the workshop will be devoted to supporting districts and teachers in developing resources that will assist them as they begin to transition to the new OAS-Science.

In this session, participants will collaborate to develop the following resources:

  • Transition Plans
  • Grade-Level or Course Curriculum Maps
  • Science Performance Tasks
  • Strategies for Redesigning Existing Curriculum

Time: 8:30 a.m. to noon, noon to 1 p.m. (lunch on your own), 1 to 4 p.m.

The resources developed along with all presentation materials will be available for participants to take back to their districts to share with others.

Workshop Registration, Dates and Locations:

To register for any of the workshops and to get directions to the workshop locations go to:


  • Sept. 25-26: Stillwater – Meridian Technology Center
  • Oct. 9-10: Pryor – Northeast Technology Center
  • *NEW* Oct. 1-2: Owasso – Owasso Public Schools Wellness Center
  • Oct. 23-24: Ardmore – Sam Noble Foundation (The Sam Noble Foundation is hosting the Ardmore workshop and providing lodging at no cost to participants who require it on the evening of October 23rd. To sign up for lodging or if you have questions about lodging, contact Frank Hardin at cfhardin@noble.org.)
  • *NEW* October 27 -28th: Oklahoma City
  • *NEW*November 10th -11th: Poteau
  • Nov. 13-14: Norman – Moore/Norman Technology Center
  • *NEW*November 17th-18th: Woodward
  • *NEW* Nov. 20-21: Duncan – Red River Technology Center
  • Dec. 4–5:Weatherford – Western Technology Center
  • *NEW* Dec. 11-12: Idabel – Kiamichi Technology Center
  • *NEW* Jan. 22-23: Durant – Kimachi Technology Center
  • Feb. 12–13: Altus – Southwest Technology Center

OSDE is still working to secure a few more locations for additional workshops around the state. As more locations are added, we will provide that information via the science listserv. The updated locations also will appear on the registration link.

Workshop FAQ:

Who should attend the two-day workshops?

K-12 teachers, teacher leaders, science department chairs, science curriculum coordinators, administrators and higher education faculty members from the departments of education and sciences. Ideally, at least two members from each school or district should attend the workshop.

Do I have to attend both days?

It is highly recommended that teachers participate both days as day two builds on day one. However, administrators and higher education faculty may benefit from attending just day one, as day one provides a glimpse of the changes that are expected with the new standards.

Is lunch provided for participants?

Lunch is not provided for participants. A lunch break is embedded into each day’s schedule from noon to 1 p.m.

Does it cost to attend the workshop?

There is no registration fee associated with the workshop. However, travel and substitute costs are the responsibility of the sending school or participant.

If you have additional questions regarding the workshop or registration for the workshop contact:
(405) 522-3524
or Joel.Smith@sde.ok.gov
(405) 521-3363
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