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The American Chemical Society’s Office of High School Chemistry has a number of resources designed to enhance teaching and learning at the secondary level. We hope you will consider the following:

  • Start and run a high school chemistry club with resources from the ACS ChemClub program
Join this free program and receive packets that contain experiments, demonstrations, and suggestions for non-laboratory activities.

  • Connect chemistry with students’ everyday lives with ChemMatters magazine
Improve science reading skills and help students discover how chemistry works in their everyday lives with this award winning magazine. Subscribe to the printed version, access free articles, teachers guides, videos, and more from the website.

  • Join ACS-led professional development activities through the NSTA Learning Center with free Web Seminars
This fall’s webinar topics include: using food to teach chemistry, solar power, National Chemistry Week 2011 and chemical bonding.

  • Get financial support with an ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Grant?
Apply for grants of up to $1500 to purchase classroom equipment and resources or pay for a professional development opportunity.

  • Explore chemistry through societal issues with Chemistry in the Community
Learn more about the new edition of Chemistry in the Community (ChemCom), while gaining instructional tips and techniques for lab investigations and class activities.

  • Share ACS opportunities for high school students
ACS offers competitions, research opportunities, and scholarships to engage students in the excitement of chemistry

  • Bookmark the ACS Education Resources website for your future reference

On behalf of the ACS staff I wish you a successful new school year!
Marta Gmurczyk
Manager, ACS Office of High School Chemistry and Textbooks

American Chemical Society
1155 16th Street NW
Washington DC 20036

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