Upcoming OSTA Constitution Revision Vote

Each Spring, the OSTA Constitution and By-Laws committee is charged with examining the OSTA Constitution and By-Laws and recommending changes to the OSTA Board.  Over the last three years there has been an on-going effort to bring the Constitution and By-Laws up to date and provide guidance to enable a growing, dynamic, and productive organization. This year’s revision is hopefully the last major revision necessary to complete the task.  Constitution changes require first Board approval (received in June) and then a ratification from the membership in attendance at the Fall Conference.  Download the proposed Constitution HERE.  Additions are underlined and items to be deleted are struckthrough. A ballot to accept or reject the changes will be one of your voting duties at the conference along with your approval of candidates for OSTA Board offices.  More on these candidates later.  By the way, nominations for OSTA Board of Director positions are still open.  Go to the on-line nominations form and submit your name or the name of a colleague for consideration by the Nominations Committee.

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