3rd Annual Teaching Evolution Workshop

 Thanks to a grant from the Delta Foundation, Oklahomans for Excellence in Science Education (OESE) is organizing a professional development workshop for 30 Oklahoma high school and middle level science teachers, undergraduate, and graduate students in science education on Teaching Evolution in the 21st Century.  The workshop will be held the weekend of October 24-26th, 2008 at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station (sponsor) on Lake Texoma. Attendees will earn a certificate of participation for professional development credit. 

Topics covered will include: internet resources on teaching evolution, the logic of scientific investigation, evo-devo, genomics, the fossil record and macroevolution, dealing with classroom and community controversy, and the various forms of creationism, including intelligent design and “teach the controversy”. Emphasis will be on the scientific evidences and mechanisms of evolution. 

Instructors include Dr. Ola Fincke (Zoology, OU), Dr Victor Hutchison (Zoology, OU), Dr. Frank Sonleitner (Zoology, OU), Dr Joseph Maness (Biology, SWOSU), Dr Stanley Rice (Biology, SOSU), Bob Melton (Science Curriculum Facilitator, Putnam City Schools),

SCHOLARSHIPS TO COVER ALL COSTS (room, board, textbooks and other materials) ARE AVAILABLE TO THE 30 PARTICIPANTS SELECTED. Scholarships also include a check for $200 for travel and other expenses. Deadline for applications will be September 15, 2008. Earlier application is advised. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by e-mail on or about October 1st.

Registration forms and additional information the University of Oklahoma Biological Station, including maps and directions, description of facilities, etc.,  are on-line HERE

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